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Saeed Paidari

Food Science Student
I am Saeed Paidari, a 24 years old M.Sc. student. My major is Food Science and Technology and my expertice is NanoTechnology. to talk about it more exactely, designing nanobiosensors, nanobiocomposites and Microbiology is my field of intrest. I have Finished my bachelors degree in Agriculture department of KHUISF sinversity of Esfahan. my M. Sc, degree is from Srbiau university which is located in capital of Iran. for my future, i am planing to be master in my majer who devotes himself for teaching his students and solving indusries problems.


  • 1. The effect of gamma radiation to inactive E.coli in contaminated water
  • 2. Measuring silver from silver nanocomposite P.E packaging based on TiO2 into P.semisclactus using titration comparison with migration method
  • 3. Studying HRM Analysis for detection and identification of S.entertidis and S.typhimorioum in egg
  • 4. The study of real time PCR and Hrm analysis for detection of salmonella in raw egg samples
  • 5. A review on antimicrobial, mechanical and migration of nanoclay
  • 6. Desiging nanobiosensor for detection of staphylococcous aureus in cream cake samples
  • 7. Desiging a nanobiocomposite packaging based on silver and caly nanoparticles and evaluation of antibacterial characteristics
  • Books

  • Translation of “Food Microbiology and laboratory Practice” by chris Bell, pail neveas and A.P. Williams
  • Co-Author of: “research methodology: food science and technology database”
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Tehran, Iran